Monday, August 22, 2011

Michael Owen tings..

One of the reasons i started supporting lfc when i was young was none other than michael owen. He was a hero in my eyes. There was that unique special connection between a football hero and his fan, I idolised him. I built my whole lfc 'supporting' decision on his shoulders.. then when the time came and he went to real, i was crushed but thought -he's doing whats best for his career-

I wanted him to succeed, to be the amazing footballer i knew he was, so me and the majority of the lfc community let that one slide. Then he didn't do so well, it was Newcastle time. All the while lfc fans secretly wanted him back more than anything. Which brings me to none other than..

MUFC.. the one club i hate more than life itself. i remember the day i saw him in that god awful shirt and read his quotes of it being a dream of a lifetime. First thing i did was break a huge framed photo of him that i had since i was about 10 years old.. then did what any girl in my position would do - cried.

not sure why i did, but boyy did i cry.. bucketfuls.. felt like my trust had been betrayed, like nothing made sense anymore! how could a true red go and play for THEM! how could he betray us like that? how could he say those things?

so i spent a whole year hating him, calling him judas, singing along hateful chants - etc

Thinking back now, after having time to think, and really think, what options did he have? He wanted back in liverpool!! HE SO desperately did.. and we wanted him back too.. but that idiot BENITEZ said no, and i will always have a grudge with benitez over this. i thank him for istanbul, for everything. However, his stupidest decision remains - not letting Owen back.

So i put myself in his shoes, -though you may not agree with me- try doing the same: play in a small time 'career ending' league or play for one of the so called 'top' clubs in football? He literally had no other choice..

We forget that he is firstly and foremostly a football player, and when you play at a certain level, you need to be challenged - by being in a top class team, to build your talent. Or else- neglect it and let it go to waste.

I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision for him, and its very easy for us as fans to judge him, and hold morals and loyalty at heart. However I've come to learn the hard way, true loyalty is very rare in football. Unless you have roots in the country hosting the club. Even then.. its pretty rare

Someone once told me - Loyalty is for the fans, a statement thats proving to be true.

I can understand why Owen did what he did, and why fans wouldn't rush to wanting him playing at liverpool again... I know he hurt us, betrayed us, all the above - but I for one.. will always, always secretly want to see my childhood football hero in a liverpool shirt again.

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